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Jessica Elisheva Emerson

Olive Days now!

"Olive Days is a lush and intoxicating Los Angeles daydream. Emerson is the real deal—a stylist whose every sentence captures how it feels to be alive, to be in love, to live in the aching distance between who you want to be and who you are."

-Ruth Madievsky, author of All-Night Pharmacy

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Photo of author Elisheva Emerson with glasses

Jessica's debut novel Olive Days from Counterpoint Press (Editor Dan López), debuts September 10, 2024 and is available for preorder now.

Jessica was a finalist in the 2024 and 2020 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards, and placed second in the 2020 First Pages PrizeHer stories and poems have been published in journals including Air/Light MagazineThe Beloit Fiction Journal, Midwestern Gothic, Crucible, Drash, and Anemone Sidecar. Her original play The Greys was produced in Hollywood. She earned her MFA in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and her BA in journalism from USC.

Jessica lives with her husband and children in the Sonoran Desert. 

Previously Published Short Stories

Published in online and print-only literary journals.


Jessica is represented by
Carolyn Forde and Amanda Orozco
at the Transatlantic Agency.
Her publicist is Megan Fishmann at Counterpoint.

Contact Jessica...

"Try to remain permanently confused." -George Saunders

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